D'Lishious Entertainment

D'Lishious entertainment is a Victoria based production company run by Delilah D'Lish.  D'Lish is proud to begin producing new burlesque shows in the fall of 2016 and is looking forward to curating shows which challenge conventional ideas of burlesque, and bring a diverse range of performances including comedy, classic striptease, politics, and more.



October 28th, 2017

Dark Carnival with special guest Nicky Ninedoors- The Metro Studio Theatre

Dark Carnival is the stuff that nightmares are made of in the best of ways! This show is not exclusive to burlesque, but includes aerial artists, flow art, intermission performances and more.  D'Lishious Entertainment is bringing some VERY talented Vancouver performers over for this event, and you don't want to miss it! 


SLAY QUEEN!- Beyonce and Rihanna Burlesque with Portia Favro

November 25th, 2017 - The Intrepid Theatre Club

Time to honour two Queens themselves- Queen Bey and Rihanna.  This show will be honouring two of the most influential female artists in pop today.   Come and enjoy burlesque performances to some of their most hard hitting singles, and some of their lesser known work. 

We're pleased to include the amazing Portia Favro from Vancouver, and some other amazing Vancouver and local burlesque performers. 


STRIPPED 2 (Women Only) 

After an extremely successful August event, D'Lishious Entertainment has decided to make STRIPPED a semi annual event of women stripping for women.  This event is invite only, and is open to female identifying, non binary and trans identifying audience members.  Come and enjoy a safe space, without fear.  

This is an extremely intimate event that creates space for performers and audience members to explore art without boundaries.  Performers are invited to take off as much or as little as they would like including full nudity.   For more information on this event, please message D'Lishious Entertainment privately in January. 


APRIL 28th, 2018

BURLESQUE UNCENSORED 3 - The Metro Studio Theatre

Burlesque Uncensored is D'Lishious Entertainment's show of the year taking place at the Metro Studio Theatre downtown Victoria. 

Within this show, we challenge the pre conceived notions of what burlesque is and what it can be while showcasing what some of our local artists have to offer.  We embrace the political, the edgy, the weird, the on the fringe pieces of art.  This show intends to move, change perspectives and challenge your core beliefs. 

TRIGGER WARNING: Throughout this show, we explore some challenging issues at some points which have included issues such as sexualized violence, colonial history, the AIDS crisis etc.  For particularly challenging pieces, we offer our audience a warning and opportunity to step into our lobby until the pieces is over.